What is kankoo?

Kankoo is a production company that packages and delivers healthy cooking oil. Understanding that health plays a vital role in our lives, we are here to ensure the top-notch quality in our products.   

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, and delivers internationally.

Our products consist of Canola oil, and Special Blend, a combination of canola and olive oil. The sizes range from 1-litre bottle to 20-litre drums.

If you have any inquiries about becoming our distributor, please contact our team via [email protected]

Production Of High Standard Is Initiated Under Close Supervisio

Mission statement

Our mission is to produce high-quality cooking oil and to carry the quintessence of Australian produce to our customers all over the world. At KANKOO, high-standard production is guaranteed to be initiated under close supervision.

With the farmers’ dedication and modern technology application, rapeseeds fields and olive trees have been grown to be one of Australia’s finest nourishments.

Inspired by the Aussie’s delicacies, we are determined to create a valuable product that is promised to do wonders for the society.


Our Products

 Every single member of Kankoo understands its standard, and striving to deliver the best version in every bottle is our ultimate goal. Your support will not only motivate us in providing better products but also taking greater care of our customers. Explore our products via these links and do not hesitate to contact us about any inquiries!