The vibrancy of yellow rapeseed flowers gives them a uniqueness and easily recognizable. The seeds are usually planted late autumn or early winter on damp soil. Walking through the fields of rapeseed, you’ll be attracted by the distinct yet alluring scent. Canola will be harvested when it reaches the highest peak of growth. Its seeds are then finely ground to extract the oil that is then used for a variety of products such as vegetable oil, cooking oil, salad dressing, etc. The nutrients inside the oil are well-suited for supplying and cultivating one’s health by replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats and poly


The prosperous, crimson shades of the earth, along with the warm atmosphere, filled with sunshine,help to flourish the development of olives. Throughout the year, the olive trees are protected, cultivated, kept healthy by the dedicated farmers. Olives will be harvested when it reaches its peak ripe to ensure the freshness is contained within.



After cultivating and harvesting, canola and olives will be finely extracted, with cutting edge technologies, to retain its richness and taste. The oil produced in our factory, based in Victoria, is tested as a sample for the standard of the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to guarantee the oil fulfills all the requirements in regards to food production of the Australian Government.

Before getting filled with the oil from the exhaust system, our bottles are vaporized to exterminate all the impurities. All bottles are capped, branded and each consignment is coded with the production and expiration date. This process, along with previous procedures, are handled with absolute cautiousness, to make sure that quality is kept in every bottle as we move on to the next step.

AND ...

Once the products are ready to be boxed, we proceed to packaging the item with pace and carefulness, loading them into appropriate pallets, and delivering them to you!